The Complete LPI Open Source Essentials Exam Study Guide | Udemy

The Complete LPI Open Source Essentials Exam Study Guide | Udemy
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Everything you need to effectively use open source code and open content in your own software project

What you’ll learn
Cover all the objectives for the LPI Open Source Essentials certification and be ready to take the exam
Understanding how (and why) you can incorporate open source software into for-profit projects
Understand what it will take to create, maintain, and succeed at complex software development projects involving remote, multi-skilled teams
Understanding the legal and licensing implications of working with open source software and open content
Understand important open source and free software permissive and copyleft license frameworks including GNU GPL, MIT, BSD, and Creative Commons
Understand how software development works and how source code is effectively managed through project life cycles

The Complete LPI Open Source Essentials Exam Study Guide course is for anyone thinking seriously about getting involved in a software development project. That’s because open source project management will go far better if you’re already comfortable with the open source tools and best practices that make administration efficient and effective.

These days, even commercial applications will utilize at least some open source code. So understanding the practical and legal implications of the various open source licenses out there can save you a lot of trouble down the road. (Just ask Google and Oracle about the millions of dollars in legal fees they paid out through the course of their dispute over terms of the GNU GPL Version 2 license.)

But knowing how to survive and thrive in the open source world is only part of the problem. You’ll also need to convince other people that you’re up to the task. By “other people”, I mean employers, investors, team members…and your patient-but-suspicious relatives.

For that, the LPI Open Source Essentials certification is the perfect solution. And this course is your one-stop-shot for all the background, context, and knowledge you’ll need.

Sign up. Pass the exam. Build.

What students are saying about my Complete LPI Security Essentials Exam Study Guide course:

“I passed the LPI Security Essentials certification exam today with a score of 710 out of 800! Big thanks to David Clinton for his Udemy course! It is a great refresher for cybersecurity professionals!”

“A great introduction to not just Linux security, but general security concepts that every IT worker should know. Just passed the exam with a score of 710. An excellent resource to help focus my attention to the important weak areas I needed to revise before passing the exam. Many thanks!”

“Excellent course. Just passed the exam with a score of 670 out of 800. If you want to pass the certificate, I recommend this course.”

“Great course. Covered a little more than I was expecting.”

By the way, it’s true that “LPI” stands for “Linux Professional Institute”, but this certification is actually platform-neutral and is not specific to Linux. While the LPI’s historical origins have been Linux-based, they’re now leveraging their considerable experience with highly successful certification programs in new areas.

Who this course is for:
Individuals looking to write and pass the LPI Security Essentials certification exam
Individuals considering starting a new open source project (or collaborating on an existing project)
Individuals or companies looking to legally and effectively incorporate open source programs and libraries into their for-profit projects
Individuals looking to make the most of the rich world of open source and open content resources



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