The Complete Javascript Course ( Beginner Focused ) | Udemy

The Complete Javascript Course ( Beginner Focused ) | Udemy
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Genre: eLearning

What you’ll learn
Become confident in coding JavaScript as a beginner
JavaScript fundamentals: arays, loops, strings, boolean, methods, functions, control flow, variables, closure etc
Improve your ability to debug problems using JavaScript
Avoid common pitfalls you would make on your own
Object Oriented Programming
JavaScript Module

Struggling to find the right course to learn Javascript?

I created this course for absolute beginners, and it is an introduction to the major components of javascript.
Building a strong foundation in any language is vital to learning the bigger components in that language, here I have built what I believe will really help you become a solid Javascript programmer.

My promise to you!

At the end of this course, you will not hear terminology that will sound strange in Javascript, you will feel more confident to pick up a more advanced topic in Javascript and understand it straight away! you will be able to begin exploring building projects with the capacity to ask the deeper questions that will make you a professional

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is Javascript In demand?
Yes, you will always find Javascript in the top 3 most in-demand languages, these days with node, react and other javascript frameworks, the job market cannot do without Javascript developers, this is why it is more important today to build that solid foundation!

How long before I can make money with Javascript?
I have seen students get into tech as Javascript developers after 6 months of work, If you can put in some consistency and time to your learning, you can build some solid projects, there are other aspects too e.g building relationships with recruiters and companies whilst you learn, I am more than happy to answer these questions as my aim is to equip you with the right tools to succeed beyond this course.

Is programming Javascript complex?
This course is designed not to have any massive leaps so the complexity is removed, you will be able to follow this course at your own pace, but it is vital that you actually practice the course and not rely on just watching without typing.

What are you waiting for? Start learning by doing, and take the course now. The sooner you start the better.

Who this course is for:
Anyone interested in learning JavaScript either to change career or make money using coding skills

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