The Complete F5 Bootcamp (Ltm,Asm,Dns) – P1 (Asm 303) 16.1.3 | Udemy

The Complete F5 Bootcamp (Ltm,Asm,Dns) – P1 (Asm 303) 16.1.3 | Udemy
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Complete F5 Technical & Practical Training For The Main Three Modules Of F5 ( LTM , ASM & DNS “GTM” ) .

What you’ll learn
Take a complete overview of f5 bigip asm module and how it works
Define the main components of security policy and how to configure it
Identify the differences between learning and blocking settings
Take a complete real world project scenario
Make a real world penetration testing scenarios using kali linux

In this first portion of this course ( Complete F5 Technical & Practical Training For The Main Three Modules Of F5 ( LTM , ASM & DNS “GTM” ) we will tackle the main needed topics to secure a web application through ASM “Application Security Manager” of f5 . In the first section we will speak about an overview of ASM module and the theory of web application firewall , what are the main attack types that we can secure against and finally we’ll tackle the main owasp top 10 vunlerabilities of any web application . With the section section , we’ll be familiar with how ASM learning methodolgy works and how we can tune the policy according to the learning results . In the third section , we’ll understand deeply the concept of automatic learning and how we can create a policy in an automatic mode to automatically enable our asm to accept learning suggestion without any intervention from the administrator . Then , we’ll take a deep look into the main objects to secure related to the web application against some popular attacks like ( brute force attacks , DOS attacks , bot attacks and others ) . After that , we’ll see how to work with parameters with all their types inside the web application ( static parameters and dynamic parameters ) . Finally , we’ll configure some features related to the administration of this module “ASM” and how to configure logging and also how to generate reports .

Section 1: F5 Bigip ASM Overview

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 ASM & LTM Relationship

Lecture 3 Web Application Firewall Concepts

Lecture 4 Attacks Types & OWASP Top 10

Lecture 5 ASM Deployment & Main Concepts

Lecture 6 6- ASM Deployment Modes

Section 2: Learning & Policy Tuning

Lecture 7 Manual Learning & Policy Tuning P1

Lecture 8 Manual Learning & Policy Tuning P2

Lecture 9 Attack Signatures

Lecture 10 Positive Policy Building Overview

Lecture 11 Learning Methods

Lecture 12 Staging & Enforced

Lecture 13 Compact Learning

Lecture 14 Automatic Policy Building

Section 3: Objects Securing

Lecture 15 Securing Headers

Lecture 16 Logining Enforcement

Lecture 17 Brute Force Mitigation

Lecture 18 Session Tracking

Lecture 19 IP Addresses Handling

Lecture 20 Parameters Handling

Lecture 21 DOS Mitigation

Section 4: Administration & Integrations

Lecture 22 Policy Operations

Lecture 23 Vulnerability Scanner Integration

Lecture 24 Layered Policies

Lecture 25 iRules With ASM

Section 5: Real World Project With Penetration Testing Using Kali Linux

Lecture 26 Lab 1 Building A Comprehensive Policy

Lecture 27 Lab 2 Injections Mitigated

Lecture 28 Lab 3 Securing Web Server Resources

Lecture 29 Lab 4 Protection From Session Tampering Techniques

Lecture 30 Lab 5 Brute Force Attacks Prevention

Section 6: Logging & Reporting

Lecture 31 Logging & Reporting

Application Security Engineers,Penetrations Testers,Networks Security Engineers,IT Systems Engineers

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