The Complete Adobe After Effects Bootcamp: Basic to Advanced | Udemy

The Complete Adobe After Effects Bootcamp: Basic to Advanced | Udemy
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Learn Adobe After Effects CC: Master Motion Graphics, VFX Visual Effects & VFX Compositing – 50+ Real World Project

What you’ll learn
Comprehensive understanding of Adobe After Effects with a working proficiency in animation and visual effects.
Unleash your creativity with over 50 interactive projects, ranging from beginner to advanced levels.
Discover how to create compelling Motion Graphics that enrich your videos, following a clear, user-friendly method.
Apply advanced compositing techniques to create breathtaking video effects.
Grasp specialized visual effects techniques such as Motion Tracking, Camera Tracking, Chroma keying, Rotoscoping, Stabilizing, and more.
Conquer Visual Time Effects to revolutionize your Videos and Motion Graphics.
Immerse yourself in 3D workspace, mastering Cameras, Lights, Shadows, and 3D Motion Graphics Projects.
Learn to import and animate Illustrator Vector Graphics seamlessly.
Explore the art of advanced Text Animation in both 2D & 3D
Stay ahead of the curve with the latest Responsive Design Techniques.
And so much more, setting you on the path to becoming an accomplished expert in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, and Compositing.

Welcome to the ultimate After Effects Mastery Course, a best-seller and top-rated learning experience that’s already transformed the skills of countless enthusiasts through 460+ lectures and over 35 hours of easily digestible video content.

I am continuously expanding the course to ensure you’re always up-to-date with the latest Adobe After Effects CC insights. This is the perfect hands-on learning experience with in-depth tutorials and practical activities to solidify and broaden your understanding. Plus, I’ve integrated the latest CC 2023 upgrades.

This course takes you beyond the fundamentals of Motion Graphics and Visual Effects. It is far from a casual ‘Tips and Tricks’ guide. It’s a serious learning experience designed to make you a proficient animator and a visual effects artist. You’ll learn to create attractive motion designs, stunning visual effects on graphics or videos, and realistic composite scenes.

Your journey from beginner to expert starts here in our Complete After Effects CC Course. Don’t just take my word for it – here’s what some of our students have to say:

Here’s what Tsui Lau had to say: “An excellent course covering a vast area in meticulous detail. Louay’s step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide was a lifesaver for a complete AE beginner like me. Highly recommend!”

Drek Fite wrote: “Louay is a fantastic teacher. This course is a comprehensive overview of AE, and it’s been my go-to for reviewing specific sections when working on projects. I also appreciate Louay’s speedy responses to questions.”

This course provides an immersive learning experience. In a world where Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, and Compositing are increasingly essential in video creation, learning to craft these using Adobe After Effects is crucial. As these skills are in high demand, mastering them could open doors to freelancing opportunities or reselling your animations online.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn in our comprehensive course:

Grasp the principles behind Animation Techniques and Motion Design

Learn to design, animate, and sequence complete Motion Graphics projects

Master all basic and advanced transformations

Develop powerful techniques for creating complex animations

Create stunning visual effects using built-in features (no need for expensive third-party plugins)

Apply specialized effects, including Rotoscoping, Chroma Keying, Camera Tracking, and more.

Cover essential After Effects methods with an emphasis on practical usage, not just overviews

Fully immerse yourself in the art of compositing, combining Visual Effects and Motion Graphics throughout the course.

And that’s not all, throughout the course the spirit of compositing, putting together Visual Effects and Motion Graphics is thoroughly covered. This experience is invaluable for you to master Visual Effects in After Effects.

Warren Bingham: “Louay’s teaching style is incredible. It felt like learning in a real class with a friend showing me the ropes. I now have a solid foundation to keep going. Highly recommended!”

Sotiria Patra: “The course exceeded my expectations. It’s comprehensive and allowed me to create and build my projects. Louay, you’re an excellent teacher. Thank you!”

Sotiria Patra: “My experience was amazing and the course met my full expectations. It was absolutely complete to allow me to create and build my projects. I definitely recommend the course to all. Louay, you are an amazing teacher. Thank you for all the knowledge that you taught me.”

Techniques you’ll master include:

Craft your inaugural Motion Graphics video

Design and bring to life a complete motion graphics project

Construct intricate motion paths within After Effects

Import sophisticated motion paths from vector files

Utilize Spatial and Temporal Interpolation

Unveil techniques using Track Mattes and Masks

Master key animation techniques for swift, superior animations

Learn foundational and advanced 3D animation techniques

Work with 3D Cameras, Lights, and Shadows

Master the 3D Camera Orbit Null

Manipulate Complex, Compound, and Bezier shapes

Harness the power of the latest shape properties (2021)

Implement per character text animation and text presets

Create contemporary titles and lower thirds

Handle the Puppet Tools from CC 2018 through CC 2023

Use expressions, from simple linking to advanced interpolations

Design engaging animated infographics

Construct data visualization charts

Use animation presets – employing, modifying, creating, and saving presets

Composite with masks and effects

Engage with Motion Graphics Time Games

Apply the latest Responsive Design techniques

Participate in Video Time Games

Master motion and camera tracking techniques

Implement Green/Blue Screen Chroma keying

Perform rotoscoping to remove backgrounds

Import and animate vector graphics from Adobe Illustrator

Determine the optimal export settings for YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook

Create stunning Motion Graphics Visual Effects

Perform color correction and grading

Utilize the newest scripts to animate mask points

Use the Essential Graphics Templates

Participate in a multitude of compositing exercises

Most Importantly this course offers you the chance to understand, practice and develop your skills in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics and lots of compositing.

Inger Wold: I have learned so much. I have already sold and made several videos. But this is still just the beginning, and the course made me able to find even more cool stuff. Still learning.

Abdulrazek Fawzy Abdulrazek: It’s the Best Course In After Effects I have ever seen. Accurate + Fast + Smooth + Knowledgeable = Expert Instructor. Louay Makes you enjoy every bit he shows. Really if you want to Knock the real world of AE, come to Louay.

Elizabeth Yorick: This is EXACTLY what I have been wanting!! A course with an instructor that actually explains everything! He is also very prompt in reviewing your work, leaving comments and answering questions!! I would give this 10 stars if I could!.Thanks Louay.

Prerana Golechha: Super Amazing Course. I recommend it to everyone who wishes to get a good hold on the subject. Thank you sir, for explaining the concepts well and for being so patient in answering all our queries.

Your Happiness Guaranteed

The course guarantees your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with your purchase, we offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. So why wait?

Enroll now, and let’s start this creative journey together!


Who this course is for:
Novices stepping into the world of After Effects who are keen to learn the core skills of Compositing, Visual Effects, and Motion Graphics.
Intermediate users of After Effects looking to refine their craft, discover new techniques, and elevate their video production skills.
YouTube creators aspiring to enhance their videos with polished Motion Graphics, captivating Titles, professional Lower Thirds, and dynamic VFX.
Video Editors aiming to infuse their projects with top-notch Visual Effects and engaging Motion Graphics.
Motion graphics designers seeking to expand their repertoire and stay on top of industry trends.
Motion graphics artists eager to delve deeper into the realm of motion design and breathe life into their artwork through animation.



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