The Art of Drawing Portraits for Beginner’s Level 2022 | Udemy

The Art of Drawing Portraits for Beginner’s Level 2022 | Udemy
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Learn the simple technique to Drawing Portraits and Become a Professional Artist Faster.

What you’ll learn
How to draw the human face
How to draw using free hand method
how to draw the eyes, nose , mouth etc and facial features.
How to scale a Drawing.
How to Draw from a reference Photograph.
How to make a DIY blending Smudge tool at Home.
How to hold a pencil for drawing
How to shade with cahrcoal Pencil.
How to Blend Shadows and Highlights on the Face
How to Draw with Charcoal Pencil
How to use Charcoal Sticks
How to draw realistically

Learn How to Draw Anyone, Anytime!

••• VERY EASY •••

Realistic Portrait Drawing Course.

10 steps Drawing Technique made simple.

Imagine for a Moment; that you could Draw your Friends, the Face of the one you Love, or even Your Family Members.

Imagine you could Draw just anyone and you made them so happy each time.

Imagine the Joy and Fulfilment.

DRAWING IS A Basic Instinct; We are all born with.

Many People think that Drawing is Hard but The Truth is that Drawing is a Skill and with the right knowledge and Practice, You can master the Art of Drawing.

My Name is Red T. Jacobs and I’m a Creative. We have simplified our Drawing Techniques into 10 simple Steps.

In this Course, I’m going to show you How I Draw a Real Human Face from a Reference photo. You will follow me step by step; From Start to Finish.

How I Scale My Drawing.

How I Draw the Eyes, The Nose, The Mouth & Ears.

How I Achieve the right Proportion.

The measurements I Use.

How I Draw the Facial Hair.

How I Draw the Beard.

How I blend the Highlights and Shadows.

How to make a Blending Stump Smudge Tool at Home.

How to highlight your eyes to make it vibrant.

This is a step by Step Process you can master and start drawing in very little time.

We start with some basic Drawing Exercises.

How to Hold a Drawing Pencil

How to Draw the Eye.

How to Draw the Nose .

How to Draw the Ear.

You will learn how to use a Charcoal Stick.

Everything you need to know about Drawing the Human Face from a reference Photo as a Beginner.

I want to share with you in this course my drawing Processes and tips that work for me. These 10 steps Technique in Drawing are simple and easy to apply.

Grab Your Charcoal Pencil and let’s us Begin.

Who this course is for:
Begineer Artist
People who want to learn how to draw the Human Face
Beginner Pencil Artist
People who love to draw
People who want to learn a new Skill



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