TCM – Practical Bug Bounty

TCM – Practical Bug Bounty
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TCM Security has collaborated with Intigriti to create a unique Practical Bug Bounty course to teach you the real-world skills you need to be a successful bug bounty hunter.

Welcome to the Practical Bug Bounty course crafted by TCM Security and Intigriti. This comprehensive course dives into identifying and responsibly exploiting application vulnerabilities, laying a solid foundation in Web Application Architecture and delving into the crucial OWASP Top 10. Participants will distinguish Bug Bounty Hunting from Penetration Testing, engage in hands-on simulations, and master key tools like Burp Suite.

The curriculum covers advanced evasion techniques and bypassing Web Application Firewalls (WAF), emphasizing ethical reporting and responsible disclosure.

The course concludes by guiding learners on strategically selecting Bug Bounty Programs and securing exclusive invites, paving the way for a rewarding career in Bug Bounty Hunting

Learning Objectives:

Foundational Knowledge:
Acquire an understanding of Web Application Architecture, essential web technologies, and the core principles of Web Application Security, including the OWASP Top 10.
Strategies and Tools Mastery:
Differentiate between Bug Bounty Hunting and Penetration Testing, master the use of essential tools like Burp Suite, and apply learned strategies and tools in real-world attack simulations.
Advanced Techniques and Reporting:
Develop skills in advanced evasion techniques, WAF bypassing, and craft comprehensive reports while applying principles of responsible disclosure and effective communication.
Ethical Conduct and Career Development:
Cultivate an ethical mindset, adhere to industry standards and legal frameworks, and gain insights into building a successful career in Bug Bounty Hunting.

Upon completion, participants will be invited to apply to Intigriti’s Bug Bounty Platform to begin their journey in the bug bounty world. Students completing this course will be well-equipped to identify, exploit, and responsibly report vulnerabilities, laying a foundation for success in Bug Bounty Hunting.

System Requirements

Up-to-Date OS & Internet Browser
Stable internet connection

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