Surdeep Singh – Programmatic SEO X ChatGPT to 10x Website Traffic in 6-9 Months

Surdeep Singh – Programmatic SEO X ChatGPT to 10x Website Traffic in 6-9 Months
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A Notion dashboard with exactly what you need to understand how you can drive website traffic up using Programmatic SEO and ChatGPT.

The dashboard contains written how-to tutorials, useful datasets, and other cool resource collections to aid your product led SEO efforts.

Who is this Programmatic SEO x ChatGPT Course for?
Early Stage Startup Founders — You will learn the strategic fundamentals of why and when programmatic SEO x ChatGPT can be used to boost your website traffic, as well as different skill sets required to implement the technique on your website.
Growth Leaders — You will learn how to find better keywords, find cool datasets, and create better page templates for your website using ChatGPT.
Why this Programmatic SEO x ChatGPT course?
Graphs like this are like a treat to the eyes, aren’t they?

Programmatic SEO work began in Oct 2023 in the above project

Yes, this is what you can achieve with a well-implemented programmatic SEO X ChatGPT strategy.

The graph above shows a project I implemented as a full time employee with an intern, and what we were able to achieve with the technique.

To give you some context:

Programmatic SEO is an organic marketing strategy that involves bulk creating SEO-optimized landing pages and ranking them in the search engines. The landing pages target important long-tail keywords that the users search for.

But it’s very important to note that programmatic SEO does NOT mean simply creating vast amounts of content programmatically.

It’s creating products or tools, that users would actually use.

These products and tools are such that the pages that show results basis user inputs, are optimized for search engines, to target long tail search queries.



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