SuperHi – Crypto + Web 3 for Creatives

SuperHi – Crypto + Web 3 for Creatives
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Crypto is one of largest shifts in how the web works in decades… to the point where people are calling this new phase ‘Web 3’, but what is this shift and why is it happening?

Crypto lets data be completely decentralized so that there isn’t one company or service holding all the cards. If, say, Instagram shuts down tomorrow, all your Instagram data is lost forever… this does not happen with crypto as everything is permanently stored online publicly. This lets us as creatives make brand new concepts that were previously thousands of lines of complex coding much simpler (or concepts that just didn’t exist at all!). Crypto lets you remix projects like never before and for us, it’s one of the largest movements since the open source movement.


How to create your own custom NFT platform and let people mint, buy and sell directly from you
How to move from standard web technologies (“Web 2.0”) to Web 3 technology
How to create a decentralized social network that allows you to connect your digital wallet to websites, allowing you to log in without needing a back-end service
How to create your own digital currency for a social network where people can tip each other and have access to features based on how much of the social network’s currency they have
How to create your own smart contracts, test them, and deploy them to Ethereum
Learn how to work with React.js, Next.js, Solidity and more!


Anyone who wants to better understand how to incorporate Web 3 and crypto techniques into coding websites.

We recommend you already have some front-end experience building websites with HTML, CSS and Javascript in order to get the most out of this course. Starting with our Foundation HTML, CSS + JS course and Javascript for Designers course will be sufficient.

Most of our students work in the creative and tech industries, but you can work in any industry to join the course. This is not a get-rich-quick type course but a course for adding value to the internet and its communities.


All the tooling that we need for this course is completely free to download. You may want to buy some Ethereum to deploy any projects to the main Ethereum blockchain, but this isn’t necessary for this course.

VS Code or a code editor of your choosing
Metamask – a digital wallet which is installed as a browser extension
A Github account to store your code online
A Vercel account to host your final websites
An Infura account to let people who don’t have a digital wallet interact with your sites

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