Storybook for building React apps | Newline

Storybook for building React apps | Newline
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This is a course which will show you how to unleash the full potential of Storybook in the context of React applications.

What You Will Learn
The core concepts of Storybook
Development workflow with Storybook
Unleash the full potential of Storybook, adding features and pages
Testing strategies with Storybook
How to build UI faster
Mental models for component development
Tools to improve designer-developer collaboration
Best practices

Storybook is an open-source tool that helps you develop UI components in isolation. It runs in your codebase, but separately from your application. It’s like a sandbox, allowing you to not get distracted by incomplete APIs, flaky data, and other external dependencies. It integrates with frameworks like React, Vue, Svelte, Angular, and many others!

With Storybook, you can ease the development of a design system and share a common language with designers. QA’s can get an overview and test functionalities in isolation. Stakeholders can use it for demo purposes. Overall, Storybook helps connect all of these people, greatly improving collaboration!

In this course, we will unleash the full potential of Storybook for React apps. We start from the basics of Storybook and later switch to a real world application, learning how to develop features directly in Storybook, saving lots of development time and at the same time, creating a living documentation of components and features.



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