Step-by-step guide to SAP BTP, SAP HANA Cloud,CAPM, BAS | Udemy

Step-by-step guide to SAP BTP, SAP HANA Cloud,CAPM, BAS | Udemy [Update 03/2023]
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SAP HANA Cloud, Cloud Application Programming, Business Application Studio, BTP

What you’ll learn
Step by step guide for beginners from scratch to learn latest technology (SAP BTP/ HANA Cloud), No programming knowledge required. In very simple words !!
You will understand basics of SAP BTP and New Business Applications Studio environment
Development using BAS, Working on HANA Cloud, HANA Database Explorer
Cross Container Access, User Provided Service, Service creation and Exposing your table via xsodata
Deployment in to HANA Cloud

You will learn what is SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).

You will learn Creation of Subaccount and Space in BTP plus various options available in BTP. You only need to have one email id and mobile number to create BTP trial Account.

You will learn HANA Cloud, End to End creation of HANA Database Artifacts using Business Application Studio.

You will learn Creation of Cloud application Programming (CAP) Project from scratch.

You will learn important commands and how to run them in Terminal.

You will learn various important configuration and descriptor files like mta.yaml & package.json etc.

You will learn binding concept and working with environment files.

You will learn how to do Cross container access.

You will learn working with various file types to create Synonyms, Calculation Views, Procedures, Grants files etc.

You will learn to create design time objects using business application studio.

You will learn to create Services. Exposing artifacts like tables, calculation view via URL.

You will learn working with HANA Database Explorer and working with SQL commands to create run time objects.

You will learn working with POSTMAN and testing your service.

After completing this course, I am sure you will be able to work efficiently with SAP BTP, HANA Cloud and will be able to create end to end Cloud Application project without any help. I created this course after learning through n number of blogs, documents , articles and watched many videos. I have summarized the right working way step by step in this course.

Disclaimer: I designed this course based on best of my knowledge.

Trust me, You are going to be benefitted a lot from this course.

Happy Learning !!

Who this course is for:
SAP Consultants, HANA Consultants, SAP BTP users/admin, Developers, Database professionals

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