SkillShare – Realistic Papercut Landscapes in Procreate

SkillShare – Realistic Papercut Landscapes in Procreate
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Let’s create beautiful, unique 3D papercut landscapes without any scissors or glue.join me in class to learn how to create digital papercut artwork in Procreate!

In this class, you’re going to learn the basic technique for creating 3D papercut art in Procreate, by working through a full design together. You can either follow along with the sample piece, or choose to create your own design! After you complete this class, you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned and create your own digital papercut artwork to share via email or social media.

What you’ll learn

How to plan your design and sketch in Procreate
How to use Layers, Clipping Masks, Adjustments, and Groups in Procreate to create 3D cutout shapes
How to choose the right color palette and theme for your project
How to utilize different Blending modes with textures to get a digital paper effect
How to export your final artwork to share digitally

Is this class for me?

Newbies and seasoned artists will enjoy this class and the project can be adapted to any skill level. To succeed in this class, you should have a basic working knowledge of your iPad and Procreate, but we’ll be walking through each step of the process along the way. You’ll learn some tips and shortcuts as you watch my workflow.

Materials & Resources

For this class, you’ll need an iPad with Procreate, and I recommend using an Apple Pencil or other stylus, although it’s not absolutely necessary. You’ll receive a digital paper texture as well as the color palette I’m using in the sample piece, and access to a curated Pinterest inspo board that I’ve set up. I’ve also included 2 different color guides to help you out. You can access all the resources HERE.

Let’s get started!

These designs are so unique and fun! I can’t wait to see what YOU create, so make sure that you share your designs in the Projects area of the class.

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