SkillShare – Practical Color Theory Everything you need to know for Art & Design

SkillShare – Practical Color Theory Everything you need to know for Art & Design
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Welcome to The Color Class!
From painting to fashion, graphic design, logo design, marketing, photography, any field of digital art and traditional art:

Colour is a major factor and plays a huge role in how we percieve things. Both in real life and in any forms of visual presentation.

Therefore, learning about color theory and being able to handle color is essential, if want to become a creator. No matter if you’re a beginner artist who’s just starting out, or an experienced web designer.

Once you know what colors can do and learn how to combine them, you have an incredible tool at your hands that allows you to influence the mood, emotions, interest and attention of viewers of your work.

The color wheel, color psychology, color schemes, color harmony and color palettes are just some aspects of the magical meta-skill “color usage”.

I’m “Duplo”, an experienced designer and digital artist, and I put a lot of attention to getting my colors right. Using color is one of my specialties and I’ve invested a lot of time into researching and optimizing my use of color. Color has been the thing that has carried my work the most, and I absolutely love using it.

I put this course together because I’ve noticed, that there aren’t any full tutorials on how to generally use color. The ones that are out there are either too broad and theoretical (“Color theory explained in 10 min”), or too specific (“How to mix water colors”, “How to use color schemes for logos”…).

This course gives you a practical overview for color theory and how you can apply it to any field of art and design that interests you. With tons of examples and clear explanations!

From color basics we will move on to a deep dive on each of the main colors so that you really understand them. And then we will explore how to combine colors, how to make them look good together and how to choose them for your work.

So we will cover both very basic color principles like the color wheel and color schemes, and specific tips like the 60-30-10 rule and how color interacts with light.

You will learn:

How to use color psychology to achieve stunning effects
How to create color harmony
How to utilize color schemes
How to make your own color palettes for different situations
How to avoid the most common color errors

Or shortly: How to become a master of color!

Because at the core, it’s the same theory that applies to any fields of art and design: Once you know what color does and how you can use it to your advantage, you win!

And with this course I want to guide you there:

It’s compact but complete, precise and professional, but comprehensible for everybody!

Watch the video lessons, take some notes if you like and participate in the class project, and you will soon not have to worry about colors anymore, but use them with competence and confidence!

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