SkillShare – Macro Photography and Focus Stacking Made Easy

SkillShare – Macro Photography and Focus Stacking Made Easy
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Master the art of close-up and macro photography and focus stacking to create stunning images you’ll be proud to display. Learn the techniques and equipment (optical, lighting and support) needed to achieve sharply focused, well-exposed photographs of flowers, insects, water drops, miniatures, coins, jewellery and much more . This hands-on workshop will show you how to get the most from your DSLR and how to enhance its macro capabilities in very affordable ways. You will learn every type of close-up shot, from wide-angle to extreme macro, and equipment ranging from macro and reversed lenses to close-up attachments and bellows. It also covers focus stacking techniques (including processing through Photoshop and Helicon Focus) as well as the software and equipment needed for extreme macro.
Your tutor, Nic van Oudtshoorn, is a highly qualified photojournalist and macro specialist with more than 40 years experience. His skills have earned him the distinction of Associate of the prestigious Royal Photographic Society.
Nic’s photographs have appeared worldwide in numerous books, newspapers and magazines, including ReaderÆs Digest and Time. As an accomplished documentary filmmaker, NicÆs video footage has been shown on TV internationally, including National Geographic and Discovery channels.
By the end of this macro photography course, you should have learned:
What constitutes close-up and macro photography and what special equipment can help to get a sharp, well-exposed picture.
Lighting and exposure: Understand the nature of light and how to control exposure to get the best color, contrast and depth of field for close-up and macro.
Focus and depth of field: Learn the best ways to get sharp focus with a range of lenses and attachments like bellows, extension tubes and close-focus filters and under a wide range of lighting conditions.
Close-up and macro: Learn how to photograph a range of small objects at different focal lengths and using a variety of attachments and light sources.
Extreme macro and focus stacking: Photograph at greater than 1:1 magnification using a range of optical, lighting and stabilizing equipment as well as focus stacking.
What is covered in this photography course?
Students evaluate their cameraÆs close-up and macro features. Learn about a wide range of macro equipment, from camera bodies to lenses, diopter lenses, bellows, lighting equipment, supports, attachments, clips and clamps.
Students explore the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Examine white balance and the advantage of RAW image format. Discover different exposure meters built into cameras and the pros and cons of different light sources for c/u and macro. Learn how to use daylight, tungsten/LED, standard and macro flash. Balance subject/background lighting.
Exploit depth of field and zone of focus to render sharp subjects and variously focused backgrounds. Find the ôsweet spotö of a lens and avoid softening due to refraction. Learn how to use a tripod and macro rails at higher magnifications.
Learn how to photograph very small parts of insects, flowers, and more using reversed lenses, bellows, extension tubes, stacked lenses and image stacking. Also, discover how to use different light sources and supports. Learn how to use focus rails for stacking, then process stacked images in Photoshop and Helicon Focus softeware.

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