SkillShare – Layered Room Portraits Develop Your Artistic Style With Naive Art

SkillShare – Layered Room Portraits Develop Your Artistic Style With Naive Art
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Paint Loosely and With Style in Layered Room Portraits Do you yearn for your room portraits to be richly layered and an authentic reflection of your artistic style? Discover the artistic freedom of intuitive painting a room scene like we find in Naive Art in this class for intermediate painters. In this 40 minute class, you will learn a layered painting process I call “Layered Room Portrait Unveiling⌐.” It encourages artistic freedom and creates layered depth from the background to the foreground, while incorporating essential Elements of Style in Art such as: Value/Contrast, Line, and Pattern With a limited palette you will strengthen the composition of your room portrait, enabling you to create artwork that not only speaks to your creativity but also resonates with the fundamentals of compelling art.
Unleash your imagination, infuse your personal style, and watch as your room portrait comes to life, reflecting the essence of you as an artist. In this class you will gain:
Confidence in your painting preferences
Trust in your artistic process
Freedom to personalize your painting based on one or more reference photos
A stronger sense of your personal style in room portraiture
Knowledge of a layering technique method you can use to create dynamic and vivid art

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