SkillShare – Good Lighting For Film & Video at Any Budget

SkillShare – Good Lighting For Film & Video at Any Budget
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Description: In this class, Iam going to teach some of the fundamentals of lighting yourself in videos. As video continues to be the shining star on the internet, learning to light yourself well can add a lot of value to your content. Whether youÆre ready to invest in some simple gear OR you want to work with what you have available to you, IÆll go over different lighting techniques to make your videos have a unique look and feel. Do you want to experiment with RGBWW lighting so your videos can look like your favorite content creators? Okay, letÆs do that! Do you want to figure out how to make that giant window in your bedroom give you an even dewy look? Okay!
This class will be great for anyone trying to learn the basics of lighting and framing regardless of your budget as a content creator. It doesnÆt matter if youÆre filming with a multi-thousand-dollar camera or your phone. Good lighting can take you VERY far! IÆll also cover some ideas around framing as well because I believe lighting and framing go hand in hand.
WeÆll cover the following techniques and skills:
1-point lighting
2-point lighting
3-point lighting
Working in mixed lighting conditions
Working with natural light and incorporating practicals
Color balancing & Picture Profiles and different lighting temperatures
Techniques to light yourself using minimal gear
Playing with colors in your lighting (RGBWW fun!)
Framing yourself in a space
Gear recommendations at any budget
My goal with this class is to teach you the fundamentals so you can begin to experiment with your lighting to help convey different emotions, build your personal brand, and enhance the story you want to tell.
For this class, youÆll need whatever device you shoot your videos on and a window that gets good light. If you have a basic light kit, thatÆs a bonus but not necessary.
By the end of this class, I want you to feel emboldened to make the most of whatever you have and if youÆre ready to upgrade, know exactly what you need within the scope of your budget to make the most impact!

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