SkillShare – Fun and Easy Procreate Magic Create a Dreamy Landscape

SkillShare – Fun and Easy Procreate Magic Create a Dreamy Landscape
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Welcome to this new Procreate illustration class, where creativity meets simplicity!
In this class, you’ll learn how to craft a captivating landscape composition that will truly makes your artwork stand out.

It’s all about focusing on the fundamentals-lines and numbers-to unlock the secrets of balance and harmony in your illustrations.

Hey there, I’m Christine, your trusty guide on this creative expedition. Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce you to the captivating world of Procreate, where you can effortlessly craft beautiful illustrations in no time, all while having a blast!

But here’s the exciting part: you won’t need a vast array of tools or brushes. Nope, just one brush will do the trick! You’ll soon discover the incredible power of composition and elements, and how they effortlessly breathe life into your artwork, adding depth, perspective, and a touch of enchanting light, all with limited resources.

The primary focus is to help you create a peaceful atmosphere in your artwork, with the star of the show being that magnificent, billowing cloud in the background. You will learn how to use a limited yet harmonious color palette to make the creative process not just easy, but downright fun.

From the tiniest trees in the distance to the fluffy sheep dotting the rolling hills and the graceful butterflies dancing in the sky, this class is designed to feel like a gentle breeze.

Best of all, it’s beginner-friendly, and ill be right here with you, step by step, on this creative adventure.

Grab your iPad, load up the Procreate app, and get your trusty Apple Pencil ready, because we’re about to dive into a world of imagination and creativity. ! Get ready to learn, experiment, and let your imagination free!

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