SkillShare – Easy Surface Pattern Design Animations for Instagram with Procreate

SkillShare – Easy Surface Pattern Design Animations for Instagram with Procreate
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Learn how to use Procreate’s simple animation features to bring your surface pattern designs to life. I’ll be showing you 3 easy ways of adding movement and sparkle to your artwork to make short eye catching videos which are perfect for sharing as Instagram reels. If you’ve never used the animation feature in Procreate then this is a perfect class to get started as these are all super simple projects that even a beginner can jump right in with. You don’t even have to do any additional drawing for this class!

What You Will Learn:

You’ll learn how to activate and use Procreate’s animation assist interface to make 3 different types of animations with your surface pattern designs.

How to rotate motifs like flowers back and forth
How to add soft sparkles or twinkling stars to a design
How to transition gradually from one colour way to another
How to make sure an animation will loop seamlessly
Bonus tips on resizing your pattern tiles
Bonus info on interpolation methods
Lot’s of tips on spotting and fixing mistakes!
How to export as a .gif or .mp4

By taking this class you’re going to learn a whole new way of sharing your surface pattern designs on social media. It’s always hard to think up new and relevant ways to share our designs, especially knowing that videos are so popular. These techniques will allow you to reuse content that you already have and give you a new way of sharing it.

Once you’ve learned the basics of animation in Procreate you can use it to come up with your own ways of bringing your designs to life.

I’d say the biggest incentive for taking this class though, is that animation is super fun!

It’s so cute seeing your patterns come to life! You can see the stars really twinkling, watch the colours change in front of your eyes or smile at the happy bouncing flowers! Once you get started and learn the basics, the possibilities are endless!

What level is this class?

This class is for any level of expertise, assuming you know how to use the very basic tools and gestures in Procreate, such as duplicating layers and using the select tool.

All the techniques are really easy and beginner friendly, you don’t need to have any prior experience in animation.

If you’re already familiar with animation in Procreate then this class might just give you some new ideas for ways you can use it in your surface pattern designs and maybe you’ll be able to take your ideas even further than we go in the class.

The one thing I won’t be showing you how to do is making the patterns in the first place, so you will need to have some ready made patterns or artwork that you can use for the animations, or you can use the basic templates that I’ll be including in the resources section.

All you’ll need for this class is an iPad running the latest version of Procreate and an Apple Pencil.

You can use my template designs to work on if you don’t have your own designs already. If you want to use your own designs then you’ll need a few different patterns or illustrations which you can bring into Procreate to work with. These would ideally be

1 pattern or illustration you can add some stars to
1 pattern or illustration in a few different colour ways
1 pattern or illustration on a transparent background with some isolated elements that can be rotated.

(Don’t worry if you don’t have these, you can use the provided templates!)

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