Skillshare – Blender and After Effects VFX Masterclass by Ruan Lotter

Skillshare – Blender and After Effects VFX Masterclass by Ruan Lotter
English | Tutorial | Size: 1.8GB

Welcome to this Blender & After Effects VFX Course
In this exciting course you will learn how to create fantastic worlds by adding 3D objects & characters into any live action scene. We will begin by going step by step through the Camera Tracking process, then we will look at how you can add 3D objects or characters to the scene. You will also learn how to add shadows and how to match the lighting in your 3D scene to the live action footage. Next we will focus on Render Passes and how to render a multilayer EXR sequence, and finally you will learn how to composite these different render passes together using Adobe After Effects.

You will also learn how to use Cryptomattes to easily mask objects to make specific adjustments without re-rendering from Blender. We will do some Rotoscoping, look at how to use TrackMattes, and finally we will color grade the shot, add some film grain to blend everything together, and render your final VFX Shot.

What you will learn?

3D Camera Tracking
Adding 3D objects and Animated Characters to your real world scene
Using Mixamo to import animated characters
Using Bridge to import Quixel Megascans into your scene
Match the lighting of the real world scene
Adding shadow catchers for compositing later
Adding an HDRI for realistic reflections and lighting
Using Render Passes and Cryptomattes
Rendering an EXR Image Sequence
Full Compositing workflow in After Effects

Here is a list of all the lessons in this course:

Creating a PNG Image Sequence using After Effects
Camera Tracking: Import PNG Image Sequence into Blender
Camera Tracking: Setup Camera Sensor Size + Focal Length + Color Management
Camera Tracking: Tracking Setup
Camera Tracking: Adding Trackers and Track footage
Camera Tracking: Solving the Camera Track
Camera Tracking: Refining your Camera Track if needed
Camera Tracking: Setup Scene, Orienting the Scene and Set Scene Scale
Test Objects: Viewport Render to ensure the Camera Track is good
Adding 3D Objects from Quixel to the Scene
Adding a Mixamo Character to the Scene
Shadow Catchers
Matching the lighting using an HDRI and / or Sun
Matching the Shadows
Configure Render Passes + Cryptomattes
Rendering EXR Sequences
After Effects: Import Plate & Render Passes & Setup the correct colour space
Setup Composition – The Comprehensive Way
Setup Composition – The Easy Way
Match and Adjust Shadows, Highlights and Reflections
Blur 3D Elements to Match Footage
Crytomattes and what you can do with them
Rotoscoping Foreground Elements
Using mist pass for adding mist / haze
Final Colour Grading
Matching Film Grain or Digital Noise
Final Render
Bonus Lesson: Adding grass around the well

I’m including the footage and assets that you will require to follow along, but feel free to use your own footage if you wish. You can download the footage, HDRI and FBX file from here: Course Assets

I really hope that you will learn a lot during this course, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to assist. Ready to create some amazing VFX shots?

I will see you in the first lesson!

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