SkillShare – Ali Abdaal – How to Organize your Workflow to Maximize Productivity

SkillShare – Ali Abdaal – How to Organize your Workflow to Maximize Productivity
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In this second class of my series on improving our personal productivity, I want to further explore the systems, workflows and organization techniques we can use maximise our output.


I want to build upon the foundations that were laid down in the first course and explore the Pilot, Plane, Engineer analogy in more depth. I hope that through the concepts, principles and theories that were discussed in the first class, and the more practical advice offered in this class, you’ll be able to work towards living a happier, healthier and more productive life.

Section One The Pilot

Following a brief recap of the Productivity equation from the first class, in the first section we’ll look at the role of the pilot and the importance of ‘Setting The Course’ which is fundamentally built around two key ideas of organisation and prioritisation. We’ll split this section into 3 main areas – short, medium and long term – and explore topics including scheduling, task management, areas of focus and goals as well as developing a vision and purpose.

Section Two The Plane

The second section looks at the ‘The Plane’ – an area where we should be spending 80% of our time but also the area where many people struggle. In this section, we’ll explore ideas involving motivation, focus and consistency through the analogy of ‘taking off’ (getting started) and ‘staying on course’ (maintaining output and avoiding distractions). We’ll examine key techniques to help you manage your time and improve your productivity by making the Plane as effective and efficient as possible.

Section Three The Engineer

Finally, we turn to The Engineer – the section associated with optimisation and efficiency. The Engineer’s job is 3-fold: to figure out processes and systems to make the Plane (a) faster, (b) more fuel-efficient, (c) organised. In other words, this section will explore ways to increase our overall speed at doing things as well as design our systems in a way that means we use less energy and operate more effectively.

Who am I?

My name is Ali – I’m a doctor working in the UK, and on the side I make YouTube videos about medicine, tech and productivity. Productivity is probably the issue I get asked most often about on my YouTube channel and across social media. Through reading books, blog posts, articles as well as experimenting with numerous techniques myself over the years, I feel that I’ve developed a bit of knowledge about productivity and that’s why I’ve decided to put together this extensive series of Skillshare classes to share my own knowledge in the realm of productivity and hopefully help us all work towards living happier, healthier and more productive lives.

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