Shipping Go: Develop, deliver, discuss, design, and go again – Manning Publications (2023)

Shipping Go: Develop, deliver, discuss, design, and go again – Manning Publications (2023)
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Shipping Go is a hands-on guide to shipping Go-based software. Author Joel Holmes shows you the easy way to set up development pipelines, fully illustrated with practical examples in the powerful Go language. You’ll put continuous delivery and continuous integration into action, and discover instantly useful guidance on automating your team’s build and reacting with agility to customer demands. Your new pipelines will ferry your projects through production and deployment, and also improve your testing, code quality, and production applications.

About the Technology
An effective software delivery pipeline automates all stages, from initial design, through development, deployment, and ultimately the usage experience that feeds back into new features and releases. Go embraces the best practices of Continuous Delivery, and adds a few language-specific tools and twists of its own.

About the Book
Shipping Go shows you how to build Go-specific software development pipelines. You’ll have a basic CI/CD process up and running by the time you finish Chapter 3, along with an iterative process for designing, releasing, and revising your applications. Then, you’ll systematically upgrade your pipeline to support containerization, integration testing, semantic versioning, and automated deployment. A set of handy appendices help you translate these valuable practices to Kotlin, Python, and JavaScript applications.

What’s Inside
Create a development pipeline that turns feedback into features
Automatically validate code before it is deployed
Serverless, container-based, and server-based deployments
Scale your deployment in a cost-effective way

About the Reader
For Go developers.

About the Author
Joel Holmes builds cloud native applications, helping to architect, design, and develop them. A Golang tech lead, Aliénor Latour was the technical editor for this book.

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