Security Superstream: DevSecOps

Security Superstream: DevSecOps
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Improve your security posture!!!

According to Gartner, by 2025 a single centralized cybersecurity function won’t be agile enough to meet the needs of a digital organization. DevSecOps—the integration of security considerations into the delivery pipeline as early as possible—is an important means of addressing this challenge.

Join top experts for an overview of best practices and future trends in DevSecOps. You’ll learn how to integrate security into everything you do, understand the cultural changes your organization needs to make to do so, and explore new developments such as system resilience, MLSecOps, and more.

What you’ll Learn and How you Can Apply it:
• Understand how the development, operations, and security teams can work together to
improve your organization’s product.
• Gain a deeper understanding of system resilience, security champion programs, secure
system development, and securing the ML lifecycle.
• Learn how to implement DevSecOps best practices.

This Course is for you Because:
• You’re a security practitioner interested in DevSecOps.
• You’re a developer or engineer looking to integrate security into your ML lifecycle.
• You want to understand the role of security in complex systems.



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