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Security Management Learning Path | Pluralsight
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In this series, you will develop the skills necessary to assess, design, and implement an enterprise-level information security strategy. You’ll also learn how to establish the programs and policies that best fit your organization’s needs.

Working experience with all security disciplines, including: Security Architecture Network and Data Security Security Assessment and Testing Incident Response and Investigation Risk Management Security Compliance Software Development Security

What you will learn
Develop an information security strategy in alignment with organizational goals and objectives
Design an information security governance framework to guide activities that support the information security strategy
Develop the information security program in alignment with the information security strategy
Design security policies to guide the development of standards, procedures and guidelines in alignment with enterprise goals
Develop a process for information asset classification to ensure that measures taken to protect assets are proportional to their business value
Develop information security processes and resources to execute the information security program in alignment with the organization’s business goals
Ensure that risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, and threat analyses are conducted to identify and assess risk to the organization’s information
Assess risk treatment/response options to manage risk to acceptable levels based on organizational risk appetite
Facilitate the integration of information risk management into business and IT processes
Evaluate methods to design and implement information security controls
Design an incident response plan to ensure an effective and timely response to information security incidents
Develop processes for security incident identification, investigation, notification and escalation
Compile and present reports to key stakeholders on the activities, trends, and overall effectiveness of the information security program
Cultivate an environment aligned with laws, ethics, and compliance
Prepare, obtain, and administer the information security budget
Develop comprehensive vulnerability management programs
Cultivate commitment from senior leadership and other stakeholders to support the information security strategy and program




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