Secure Coding with OWASP in Go | Pluralsight

Secure Coding with OWASP in Go | Pluralsight
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Golang (Go) is used to build mission critical applications handling sensitive data. This course will teach you how to implement the most common security requirements and defenses recommended by OWASP in your Golong (Go) applications.

What you’ll learn
Ready to become an expert in web security? In this course, Secure Coding with OWASP in Go, if you are an intermediate learner looking to master web security, you will learn advanced techniques that will enable you to implement military-grade security defenses in Golang (Go) web applications. First, you’ll explore the core concepts behind web security, including the theory and architecture as defined by the OWASP community. Next, you’ll also gain awareness of the OWASP Top Ten threats, and how to apply an appropriate level of coverage and rigor when it comes to performing web application security verification based on the ASVS (Application Security Verification Standard). Finally, you’ll learn about the OWASP Top Ten Proactive controls, the concrete techniques used to defend web applications. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to understand the most advanced techniques used to implement sophisticated security frameworks in any Golang (Go) web application.

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