Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Crack the Code to Greater Wealth, Health, and Happiness

Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Crack the Code to Greater Wealth, Health, and Happiness mp3
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This book is a compilation of my previous three books, the Millionaire Road Maps series (volumes 1-3), including some new material.

“Become a millionaire by learning from self-made millionaires.”

Tired of living from paycheck to paycheck?
Ready to finally start building wealth?
Your road map is here.
Discover the different paths that ordinary people took to become self-made millionaires.
These are not trust-fund babies.
They are just regular folks like you and me.
The only difference is that every day they took another step down the path of wealth.
Daily action.
And the right kind of action.
That’s all it takes to become a self-made millionaire.
In this book, you will learn about:

The secrets that self-made millionaires used to grow their wealth
The small things you can do that make a big difference
The best morning routines and daily habits for success
The books that had the biggest impact on these millionaires
How to make money by investing in what you know
How to create passive income and escape the trap of being an employee
How to compound wealth like a savvy investor
The one thing you should never do with your hard-earned cash (don’t start investing until you hear this)
And much, much more
Whether you are a college graduate, or high school dropout….
Whether you are a small business owner, or an employee….
Even if you know nothing at all about business or investing….
This book will teach you how to build a better life for you and your family.
Imagine how your life would change if you knew that you were on the proven path to wealth.
Amazon best-selling author and retired hedge fund manager Matthew Kratter has interviewed the most interesting self-made millionaires that you will ever meet.

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