SCALPING: HeikenAshi Scalping with a currency strength meter | Udemy

SCALPING: HeikenAshi Scalping with a currency strength meter | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
How to profitably trade short term in the markets using a scalping strategy
How to evaluate the strength of individual currencies for scalping using the currency strength meter for scalping
How to make profitable and systematic Scalping market entries and exits
How to manage short term trades when scalping

Scalping is a very profitable intraday trading method if done the right way. It promises fast profits and also give you more control over your trades. Scalping is the fastest way to grow a small account.

Many people don’t factor in individual currency strength when scalping. This may leave them stuck in ranging markets when the currencies in a currency pair have equal strength.

The main focus of this scalping system is to ensure that your scalping is in the direction of the overall trend by only considering deep retracement patterns as signals for entry.

The Heiken Ashi scalping system uses a currency strength meter as a filter to evaluate the strength of individual currencies. This allows you to buy what is strong and sell what is weak easily and profitably.

This scalping course promises competence in a scalping strategy with very clear entry rules and exit rules. The rules are very easy to follow and promise frequent and high probability trading opportunities.

After purchasing the course, you will get all the necessary resources to use for scalping using this method. These resources include templates and indicators as well as a profile with low spread pairs to be traded in the forex market.


1. A profitable scalping trading system

2. The basis behind growing a small account with scalping

3. The principles behind scalping

4. Identifying momentum when scalping

5. Scalping using individual currency strength

6. Trend continuation scalping

7. Detecting strong scalping opportunities with retracement patterns

8. Non subjective scalping with clear motives

9. How to use river moving averages during scalping

10. Importance of a color coded stochastic indicator during scalping


1. Traders who enjoy scalping

2. Traders who have never tried scalping before but wish to try it

3. Traders looking to grow small accounts through scalping

Follow me into this scalping course….. Join our community and be part of the winning team!!!!!

Who this course is for:
Traders who want a profitable trading strategy for Scalping and intraday trading
Traders who have very little time to spare for their trading activities in the markets
Traders who enjoy scalping but are failing to find an easy and straight forward scalping strategy

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