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What you’ll learn
Explain what is meant by Sales Promotion
Describe the elements of Sales Promotions Management
Discuss the role of Product in Sales Promotion Management
Identify the steps of Sales Promotion Planning

Sales Promotion activities are meant to communicate and persuade the target market to buy the company’s products. Hence, sales promotion represents all of the communications that a marketer may use in the marketplace. When you place your sales promotions at off-season or off-peak times, it helps to solve many sales promotion management issues such as lack of resources and conflicting promotions. Also, the staging of your sales promotion during these off-season times can bring additional economic benefits to your company by attracting new activity and customers in an otherwise quiet time.

Sales Promotion Management is crucial and is essentially needed for creating and maintaining a match between the needs and motivations of:

•those you hope to attract to your promotion event

•range of promotion activities such as displays, exhibits, shows, advertising, etc.

•various supporting services such as types of store outlets, security system, tools for promoting

In sales promotion and its management, the product part is obviously the most important one. You must correctly identify which product would satisfy which customer segment and how to offer promotions on them which shifts the focus to satisfying the consumer. In sales promotion and its management, the place part is also important as if affects the convenience function.

Place is no longer restricted to physical locations now as before due to the rise of internet and hybrid models of purchasing.

You must keep in mind the convenience aspect as it takes into account the ease to buy a product, find a product, find promotion information about a product, and several other considerations. In sales promotion and its management, the price part of the is one of the key deciding factors for the sales promotions as in any form, whether there is a discount given on the product or a ‘1+1’ free product offered, ultimately it is the decrease in product price that drives the customers to the promotions.

Who this course is for:
Sales people
Marketing Professionals




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