[Update Links] RED TEAM Operator: Malware Development Advanced – Vol.1

RED TEAM Operator: Malware Development Advanced – Vol.1
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Advanced malware development topics for Windows user land only, including: hidden data storage, rootkit techniques, finding privileged objects in system memory, detecting new process creation, generating and handling exceptions, building COFFs and custom RPC-like instrumentation, and more.

This time we will be focusing on extending your payload with additional userland techniques to bury it in the depths of the system. That includes:
ways to hide your payload inside NTFS and registry hive
learning object enumeration alternatives in the system memory
manipulating Process Environment Blocks to hide your module and confuse the potential defender
finding .NET process with RWX memory ready to abuse
detecting new process creation (from userland)
setting up global hooks
learning few userland rootkit techniques to hide your files, registry keys and processes
abusing memory and hardware breakpoints for hooking
hiding payload with Gargoyle and similar techniques
creating custom “RPC” allowing to call any API function with any number of parameters in a remote process
learning COFF objects, how to build, parse, load and execute them in the memory
The course ends with a custom project, employing some of the discussed techniques.

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