React + Redux – The beginner guide. (+ Learn Typescript ) | Udemy

React + Redux – The beginner guide. (+ Learn Typescript ) | Udemy [Update 11/2023]
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Learn React, Redux (RTK) and Typescript (Incl. Hooks,Firebase,React router, Form validations, i18n, Deployment, Testing)

What you’ll learn
Build blazing fast single page app with React 18
Learn the Typescript language from scratch !
How to create reusable components to build a scalable app
Understand the ecosystem and all the tools that comes with React like, NPM, Redux, ES6, React router…
How to architecture a project correctly.

*2023 Edition*  – React last version / Redux last version

In this course :

– Learn React from scratch.
– Learn Redux from scratch
– Learn the Typescript language from scratch !

– Learn the most important Javascript ES6 features

I will assume that you don’t know a single thing about these 3 topics.

About this course

You heard about it. Born from a collaboration between Instagram and Facebook : React

React is a Javascript library used to create web interfaces. It’s extremely powerfull, performant and modular.
And since it’s out, everybody is talking about it , it is used by FacebookNetflixYahoo ,AirBnB and many others !

React is the web technology you must know, it is the most popular javascript library used at the moment to create web app. There is a lot of market demand for it; that is why It’s an extremely valuable asset to add to your developper tool belt.

This courses teaches the very basis of React and Redux with all the modern features you want and need to know.

React + Redux  – The guide (2023 Edition)” aim to make you fluent with React and Redux as fast as possible.

We will discover all the basics and the core concepts of React and Redux. We will mostly use practice to do that, since, to me, it is the most efficient way to learn

In this course we will start from the very basis and we will build together several apps using React but also Redux.
If you never heard about Redux, just keep in mind that it is used in 90% of professional React projects to manage the data of you app. That is why it’s a very important library to know when learning React. They are very often combined.

We will apply everything you’ll learn in these videos through real example and real web apps.
Also, for each video you will watch, there will be a correction available, to make it easier for you to follow.

Finally these courses are specifically designed to be accessible and easy to understand, with a lot of schema and examples, so, you don’t need to be an algorithm killer or 15 years of experience developper to understand it. It’s made for all.

I will explain what I know assuming that you don’t now React nor Redux at all.

# # #

Also learn the Typescript language !

I recently added an entire subcourse into this one, to learn Typescript, and how to use is with React.
TypeScript was developed by Microsoft and has become a reference in the JavaScript community.

TypeScript is the language or rather the layer that can be added to a JavaScript project (such as ReactAngularVueNode.JS, Electron, and many other great technologies).

It gives you access to everything that JavaScript can do, so you don’t lose anything and you can do a lot more!

Any respectable JavaScript project, regardless of the framework or library used, utilizes TypeScript.
This is even more true, especially in the professional world.

And off course, all of that :  in a good mood and teached in a casual way !

* Summary *

– React + Redux

  • — Setup a React 18 project with tools like “Create React App” or “Vite”
  • — Setup Redux with Redux Toolkit
  •  — Components
  • — States
  • — Props
  •  — Hooks ( useEffect, useContexts, useRef, useNavigation, useRoute, useSelector, useDispatch, useMemo)
  • — Contexts
  • — Refs
  • — Forms and validations
  • — Authentification + Signup with Firebase
  • — Using Firebase Firestore as real time back-end
  • — Navigation with React router
  • — Callback functions
  • — ES6 functions (map, reduce, filter)
  • — Styling (css modules, JSS, Bootstrap)
  • — Understand NPM
  • — Write in Redux store
  • — Read from Redux
  • — Understanding slices,actions reducers
  • — Redux middlewares
  • — Make redux persistent to keep your data even after refreshing
  • — Set up a fake server with Json-server
  • — Asynchronous requests
  • — React app deployment on the web
  • — Testing with Jest and React testing library
  • — Custom hooks
  • — Make your app support multiples languages with i18n

– The Typescript language

  • Primitives types and how to use them
  • How the TypeScript compiler works
  • Classes with TypeScript
  • Functions, default and optionals parameters
  • Objects
  • Arrays
  • Object oriented programming
  • Namespaces and modules
  • Interfaces
  • Enumerations
  • Access modifier
  • Types
  • Type casting
  • Generics
  • Decorators

–  A complete React + Typescript project  :

  • Create a Vite + React + Typescript project
  • Build a full React + TS web app !

And much much more incoming soon.

See you soon !

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers looking to learn the last version React and Redux
  • Engineers who already know React but want to master the concepts.
  • Javascript developers who want to learn Typescript


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