React Native: Mobile App Development (CLI) [2024] | Udemy

React Native: Mobile App Development (CLI) [2024] | Udemy [Update 05/2023]
English | Size: 10.5 GB
Genre: eLearning

(All Levels) – Build iOS and Android Apps: Master Hooks, Redux Toolkit, Navigation, Authentication, Payment & App Stores

What you’ll learn
Learn how to use ReactJS to build react native mobile apps for iOS and Android. No ReactJS Experience Required.
Explore React Native basics and advanced concepts!
Develop cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile apps and use it for your resume
Explore and implement efficient state management and side effect handling using React Hooks.
Implement navigation and routing functionalities within React Native applications.
Acquire skills in debugging, data management with Redux Toolkit, and user authentication.
Learn about deploying React Native applications to app stores.
Create Applications with Payment Systems

Unlock the power of React Native and build impressive iOS and Android apps with this comprehensive course. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, this course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to create robust mobile applications using React Native.

In the “Getting Started” section, you’ll dive into the fundamentals, exploring React Native’s core concepts, understanding the difference between React Native CLI and Expo, and setting up your local development environment for both iOS and Android. You’ll also get acquainted with important tools like code editors, ESLint, and Prettier.

Once you have a solid foundation, you’ll move on to the essentials of React and React Native. Learn about components, stylesheets, props, event handling, and how to create basic UI elements such as buttons, text inputs, and icons. Take a deep dive into React Hooks and gain a solid understanding of useState, useEffect, useRef, useContext, and creating custom hooks.

To create visually appealing and responsive interfaces, the course covers styling techniques with borders, margins, paddings, and flexbox. You’ll also explore advanced topics such as debugging, data management with Redux Toolkit, user authentication, building APIs with NodeJS and Express, integrating payment systems using Stripe, and deploying your applications to app stores.

With hands-on assignments and a practical project, you’ll gain real-world experience as you apply your newfound knowledge. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills for career advancement or create your own mobile app, this course is the ultimate resource for mastering React Native in 2023.

Enroll now and join the learners who have already transformed their mobile app development skills with this comprehensive React Native course. Take the next step in your coding journey and unleash the potential of React Native today.

Who this course is for:
Beginner and intermediate developers eager to learn React Native for cross-platform app development.
Mobile app developers looking to expand their skills to include React Native for iOS and Android.
Web developers with experience in ReactJS wanting to build mobile apps using their existing knowledge.
Individuals seeking to enhance their resume with hands-on experience in React Native app development.
Tech enthusiasts interested in exploring the latest trends in mobile app development.
Professionals looking to create high-quality mobile apps with key features like navigation and user authentication.
Students or self-learners interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of React Native and its advanced concepts.
Developers aiming to deploy their React Native apps to app stores for wider distribution and user access.



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