React JS clone project to land for your dream job | Udemy

React JS clone project to land for your dream job | Udemy
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Netflix clone React JS project

What you’ll learn
Improve skills in front end web development
Can create different website clones
Improve skills in Typescript, Tailwind CSS
Will help you to add new project to the resume

In this Tutorial, we will explore the exciting world of building a Netflix clone using React.js. Follow along as we dive into the step-by-step process of creating a fully functional email application with features such as Login, adding comments, viewing comments. Gain a deeper understanding of React.js concepts, component structure, and state management while honing your web development skills. Get ready to level up your coding abilities with this engaging and comprehensive tutorial!

This course consist of 5 videos. The tools that are used in this tutorial is React JS, material UI and firebase. Firebase is used for backend and as database. I have included almost all the functionalities of Netflix website. Sign in page is the first page that is creating in this tutorial. Then next firebase authentication is used for integrate google authentication with the clone. After that navbar, home page, detail page is creating. After that firebase database is used for adding details of user. A logout button is also integrated in the profile section. In details section name, description and url of the movie is shown. Trailer is shown in the details and navbar page. A section for adding review of the movie is in the details page.

Who this course is for:
Courses to increase and add skillsets in software development



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