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PyTorch for Deep Learning | ZeroToMastery
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Learn PyTorch from scratch! This PyTorch course is your step-by-step guide to developing your own deep learning models using PyTorch. You’ll learn Deep Learning with PyTorch by building a massive 3-part real-world milestone project. By the end, you’ll have the skills and portfolio to get hired as a Deep Learning Engineer.

Course overview
We can guarantee (with, like, 99.57% confidence) that this is the most comprehensive, modern, and up-to-date course you will find to learn PyTorch and the cutting-edge field of Deep Learning. Daniel takes you step-by-step from an absolute beginner to becoming a master of Deep Learning with PyTorch.

Everything from getting started with using PyTorch to building your own real-world models
Why PyTorch is a fantastic way to start working in machine learning
Understand how to integrate Deep Learning into tools and applications
Create and utilize machine learning algorithms just like you would write a Python program
Build and deploy your own custom trained PyTorch neural network accessible to the public
How to take data, build a ML algorithm to find patterns, and then use that algorithm as an AI to enhance your applications
Master deep learning and become a top candidate for recruiters seeking Deep Learning Engineers
To expand your Machine Learning and Deep Learning skills and toolkit
The skills you need to become a Deep Learning Engineer and get hired with a chance of making US$100,000+ / year

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