Python Testing with Pytest For Beginners + Selenium | Udemy

Python Testing with Pytest For Beginners + Selenium | Udemy
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For newbies | Python for Automation | Pytest Implementation

What you’ll learn
Learn why we test code & use testing frameworks
How to use basics features of pytest testing framework
How these features help in easier testing or reducing time and amount of code content
Control Browser using Python Code to test real webpages

This, is a Pytest Course for absolute Beginners. You must have completed an introductory level couse in python to understand this material.

I First cover why testing is needed, and why testing frameworks are important to achieve this. I help you understand best practises in folder management and configuration and then I teach the basics of pytest covered in the pytest docs website.

We will learn everything about Pytest that will help us build a test automation framework easily. We will cover all important aspects of pytest and also how automation is done in real test environment.

Some of topics are highlighted below, we will go thru all of this and more:

Setting Up Virtual Environments using venv

Folder Creation

Folder Configuration

Writing Tests Using Assert

How Pytest Finds Tests

How To Configure Naming Tests

Reduce code and Avoid Global Variables using Fixtures

Splitting Fixutures From Tests

Parametrized Testing

Markers For Selective Testing

Inbuilt Markers: Skip, xfail



How to use Selenium Webdriver to control the browser

After i cover the basics, we apply what we learn by testing a real webpage by controlling the browser using Selenium Webdriver inside our python code. We do this test against multiple webpages and multiple Browsers.

Anyone can follow along from top, by understanding each of the lessons and replicating it on their system. I cover the whole course making sure the language is easy to understand.

Thank you and see you in this course!!!

Who this course is for:
Beginner Python Developers curious about Pytest
Anyone who wants to build or improve an automated testing framework
QA Engineers who wants to learn about pytest

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