Python for OSINT. 21 day course for beginners

Python for OSINT. 21 day course for beginners
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If you use (or plan to use) OSINT tools written in Python, but you’re not satisfied with the standard functionality and would like to modify them a bit, this course will help you learn how to do that as quickly as possible.

Also, this course will help you to automate various routine tasks related to investigations: processing data from API, collecting data from websites, collecting search results, working with Internet archives, creating reports and data visualization.

The main goal of the course is not to teach you how to write Python code, but to teach you to spend less time on routine OSINT tasks. So, in addition to code examples, I will also give you links to different services that will help you solve different problems.

This course will also be useful for those who are far from Computer Science and want to raise their technical level a little, try to use Linux, learn to work with the command line and understand different popular IT terms like “JSON”, “API”, “WHOIS” etc.

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