Python: A Guided Journey from Introduction to Application Specialization | Coursera

Python: A Guided Journey from Introduction to Application Specialization | Coursera [Update 10/2023]
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Learn the basics of Python Programming. Implement solutions to real-world problems using Python

What you’ll learn
Students will master the basic skills of coding in python and will be able to understand the syntax.
Students will get an introduction to Data Science material and learn how to perform data analysis and visualization using python.
Students will understand why object oriented programming is used and how to create a graphical user interface.
Students will apply their gained python skills to the field of Machine Learning, where they will get to build their own classifiers and prediction models.

Specialization – 4 course series
In today’s society, uses for new technologies are broadening in scope and revolutionizing the world. Many new technologies automate redundant tasks so people may complete tasks of greater priority. These new automated technologies depend on the constant innovation of software. To develop software that can increase our efficiency and change the world for the better, it is vital to understand how to code using different programming languages. This specialization introduces the basics of the Python programming language and teaches how to implement solutions to real-world problems using Python syntax. Topics in this course range from utilizing integrated development environments (IDEs) to implementing Python syntax in scripts. Some of the position titles that may benefit from this course are computer scientist, computer engineer, software engineer, software developer, software tester, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, chemical engineer and aerospace engineer.

You do not need programming or computer science experience to learn the material in this course. This course is open to anyone who is interested in learning how to code and write programs in Python. We are very excited that you will be learning with us and hope you enjoy the course!

Applied Learning Project

In each of these courses, you will complete coding problems that will strengthen your coding skills. At the end of each course, you will be asked to complete a peer review assignment. You will be tasked with creating a simple calculator and working with data to create data type arrays, implement DataFrames, and display the data in a scatter plot. You will also be asked to design an application that will convert a command line application to a GUI, and use your knowledge about machine learning to develop a classifier that helps medical personnel distinguish between malignant and benign tumors.



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