Programming in Kotlin: Fundamentals | Kodeco

Programming in Kotlin: Fundamentals | Kodeco
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Learn the fundamental building blocks of Kotlin, through hands-on exercises and challenges! Explore the world of data types, comparison and logical operators, loops, control flow and functions and more.

Beginner developers who’ve had some or no experience with Kotlin, who want to gain in-depth knowledge of this majestic programming language!

You’ll learn a ton of fun and useful Kotlin concepts, starting off with data types and operators, then moving towards more complex features like statements & expressions, loops, and the flow of control. Then building on those concepts, you’ll learn about functions and null safety in Kotlin.

Sound like fun? Let’s dive in!

This course isn’t suitable for experienced developers. If you’re looking for more complex topics, check out our intermediate or advanced Kotlin and Android courses.

Covered concepts

This course is jam-packed with the fundamentals to give you a solid grounding for your Kotlin adventures. Here are some of the concepts you’ll conquer along the way

Data Types
Operations With Types
Logical Operators
Statements vs. Expressions
Nullable Types & Null Safety
Control Flow
Nesting Expressions & Loops
Parameters vs. Arguments

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