Profit with AI: ChatGPT & Google Bard for Video Selling 2023 | Udemy

Profit with AI: ChatGPT & Google Bard for Video Selling 2023 | Udemy
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AI-Powered Freelance Video Selling: Dominate Fiverr & Upwork with ChatGPT & Google Bard & Voice-over AI in 2023

What you’ll learn
Ideal for freelancers seeking to boost their video selling income using AI tools.
Designed for individuals looking to leverage AI technologies for gig marketing.
Great fit for creatives aspiring to make high-quality promotional videos with AI.
Perfect for tech enthusiasts exploring innovative AI applications in freelancing.
A must for freelancers wanting to optimize LinkedIn profiles and build a strong brand.
A game-changer for those aiming to create & optimize gigs on Fiverr using AI.
Designed for those who wish to combine Canva, AI Voiceover, ChatGPT for video creation.
Best suited for freelancers looking to attract clients on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Discover the power of AI and reshape your freelance career with our comprehensive course, specially designed to unlock the potential of AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, AI voiceover tools including Murf and Beta Eleven Labs, and Pictory AI.

In today’s competitive digital marketplace, standing out can feel like an insurmountable challenge. With a myriad of freelancers selling their services, and an increasing demand for high-quality, engaging video content, being able to produce top-tier promotional videos is now more crucial than ever. However, the process can be time-consuming, complicated, and often requires expensive software.

We know you’re passionate about your work and you have the drive to succeed. However, without the right tools and know-how, your services may go unnoticed in the saturated market. It can feel frustrating when your efforts don’t reflect in your impressions, clicks or overall income.

Our course offers a solution to this challenge. By integrating cutting-edge AI technologies with traditional freelance practices, we’ll show you how to create, optimize and sell premium videos on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. You’ll learn how to generate engaging scripts with ChatGPT, bring them to life with AI voiceover tools, and create visually stunning videos with Canva and Pictory AI. We’ll also dive deep into the world of gig creation and optimization on Fiverr, leveraging competitor analysis to ensure your services shine.

More than just a technical how-to, this course is a journey into the heart of successful freelancing. We’ll teach you how to build a strong brand on LinkedIn, connect with potential clients on social media, and even guide you through the crucial steps to secure your first client.

This isn’t just a course; it’s a transformative experience. By the end, you’ll not only have mastered the use of these powerful AI tools, but you’ll also possess a deep understanding of the freelance market and how to navigate it for maximum success. Don’t wait – the future of freelancing is AI, and with our course, it’s within your grasp. Join us and become part of the AI revolution in freelance video selling today.

A crucial part of our course is the focus on prompt engineering, an indispensable skill for navigating the new frontier of AI-assisted freelancing. This practice helps you get the most out of AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard, by teaching you to tailor prompts for precise, desired outputs. In essence, you’re learning how to ‘speak’ the language of AI.

This, coupled with the course’s extensive dive into the tools and techniques of the freelancing market, from social media marketing to Fiverr gig optimization, positions you to ride the wave of the future. With the rise of generative AI technologies such as midjourney, leonardo, and Dall-e, there’s never been a more exciting time to transform your freelancing journey. This course is more than a career move; it’s a mid-journey power-up that can catapult you into the future of freelancing.

Who this course is for:
For freelancers aiming to use trending AI technologies like ChatGPT and Google Bard.
Ideal for video creators interested in AI voiceover tools like Murf & Beta Eleven Labs.
Perfect for digital marketers seeking to harness AI for gig optimization on Fiverr.
Designed for those keen on integrating AI and Canva for high-quality promotional videos.
Best suited for professionals looking to boost their LinkedIn visibility through AI.
A must for entrepreneurs wanting to leverage AI tools to find customers on social media.
Great for anyone interested in leveraging AI for competitive analysis and gig marketing.
A game-changer for individuals aiming to create & sell videos using Pictory AI and other tools.

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