Professional Scalp Trading Course (Fast & Simple) | Udemy

Professional Scalp Trading Course (Fast & Simple) | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Origin of the stock market and its function
Scalp trading model & proprietary strategies
Simple technical analysis
Risk management
Quality assurance of your trades
Core principles of professional trading


I have a postgraduate degree in investment banking, worked at a financial institution, took all the top courses in the field of professional trading, and traded every single type of financial security available on Wall Street. I trade 5 days a week, 90 minutes a day – making more money than some of the CEOs of the companies being traded. And I will teach you how to do exactly that in less than 5 hours.

Mintaka Technologies is my way to give back. Udemy is a terrific place where serious people can come and get information that was only owned by a handful of people a while ago. I want to give them this information for cheap, but not for free. Cheap, so that everyone who wants to know, can know. But not for free so that nobody thinks of it as ‘one of the free videos’ – because it is not!

I will keep my identity private for reasons as such – I am telling you some of the top secrets institutions play on the rest of the world. The model I am going to give you is a proprietary asset for many.

Wall Street is complex. Its complexity works as an entry barrier to this industry. Perhaps that’s the reason why there is a word called ‘wall’ inherent with it.

My goal with this project is this – simplify professional trading. I also want to make sure that this project doesn’t waste your time or mine. When I went through the process, it was quite frustrating to see how people waste so much time and energy to explain things that could have been explained in minutes. I bet you also have an experience like this.

This is a course that you will be able to finish in one day. On the other hand, you will not miss anything that you are required to know.

In this course, you will learn –

1. The Stock Market

You will learn about the domain you will be working on. Its history, functionality, and value proposition to our lives.

2. Tools

We will start from the starting point and explore exactly what do you need to become a trader and how to source them. There are only a few!

3. Entry & Exits

You will learn where to enter and to exit on a trade by the value of a cent. You will never find a system that has this level of objectivity.

4. Quality Assurance

The proprietary strategies are here to make you a professional trader while quality assurance is designed to make you a master in your game.

5. Core Principles

In the end, we will explore situations that you will face and how to deal with them. We will categories all events into 6 groups and establish rules to deal with them with the highest level of objectivity.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. No content of this channel should be taken as direct or indirect financial advice. The video is only my personal view on certain securities and is meant to be viewed as educational material. My results are not typical and they do not guide future results. Trading is risky and participants can lose more than they invest. It is the responsibility of the participant to evaluate the risk involved before placing a trade.

Who this course is for:
Beginner traders willing to learn a professional trading system for a living

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