Pro Bash – Learn to Script and Program the GNU Linux Shell – Apress (2023)

Pro Bash – Learn to Script and Program the GNU Linux Shell – Apress (2023)
English | eBook | Size: 29.37 MB

Embrace the power of Bash scripting with this comprehensive guide, perfect for developers, programmers, and open-source enthusiasts aiming to master the GNU/Linux shell. This third edition is fully updated for Bash 5.2 and optimizes script performance by embracing shell parameter expansion and avoiding external commands. Through clear explanations and practical examples, learn to overcome common pitfalls and harness the shell’s capabilities for tasks ranging from basic file management to complex data processing and web interaction. Discover how to write snappy Bash programs that rival C utilities in speed, leveraging shell internals and programming techniques without drowning in syntax details. Whether you’re new to Linux or looking to sharpen your shell scripting skills, Pro Bash provides the tools you need to take full control of your system’s potential.

What You’ll Learn

Craft efficient and fast Bash scripts by leveraging shell internals and parameter expansion.
Navigate common scripting pitfalls to write bug-free scripts.
Utilize Bash’s read line and history libraries for efficient user input handling.
Develop scripts that interact with the web and process data dynamically.
Apply standard programming techniques in the context of Bash scripting for professional-grade utilities.

Who This Book Is For
Ideal for developers, programmers, and enthusiasts across all experience levels who wish to harness the versatility and power of Bash scripting on Linux and other UNIX-like systems, including macOS. This book serves as a solid foundation for beginners and a valuable resource for experienced users seeking to expand their Bash scripting proficiency.

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