Principles of Python and Data Encoding Course | Orhan Ergun

Principles of Python and Data Encoding Course | Orhan Ergun
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Course overview
This course starts with the very basic concept of what is Data, how does it look like?, and how we can deal with it using Python, and in order to understand Python, we will have to start it from scratch, understand its components, and Parse the common data formats (XML, JSON, YAML) into Python.

Alongside the videos, you will get course slides for headlines and notes of the topics. Students are placed in a study group with the Instructors, so they collaborate whenever they need it!

Topics to be covered: – Data Formats (XML, JSON, YAML) – Python Programming Language – Python Components – Parsing Data Formats into Python – Editing and Pushing changes to Data using Python – Organizing Python Codes

Also, as with all our other courses, students of this course are placed in our Study Group. So, when you have any technical questions, you can ask the Instructors directly, which is one of the biggest benefits of our courses. It is not a Forum, it is a Live, Study Group with thousands of people!

What is the target audience?
Students who would like to understand Data Formats and Python Language from Scratch
Those who operate networks with Cisco DEVNET Technologies

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