Precision Health and Artificial Intelligence – Apress (2023)

Precision Health and Artificial Intelligence – Apress (2023)
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Dive into the fusion of precision healthcare and artificial intelligence (AI) with “Precision Health and Artificial Intelligence.” This book lays down the foundation for revolutionizing patient-centered care through data-driven technologies. Discover how AI and machine learning can tailor healthcare to individual needs, enhancing diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring, while also democratizing access to value-based care.

Explore the digital landscape of healthcare, from IoT-generated data to convolutional neural networks, and tackle the ethical, bias, privacy, and equity challenges inherent in precision medicine. With a focus on real-world applications and challenges, this book equips healthcare professionals, clinicians, engineers, bioinformaticians, and enthusiasts with the insights needed to navigate and implement precision health systems effectively.

What You’ll Learn

Grasp the essentials of precision health and personalized care
Navigate the digital phenotype and apply AI in healthcare analyses
Address the ethical, privacy, and equity challenges in precision healthcare
Leverage real-world case studies to understand best practices in implementation

Who This Book Is For
Targeted at healthcare professionals, clinicians, engineers, bioinformaticians, CIOs, and students passionate about integrating AI into healthcare. Whether you’re seeking to understand the complexities of precision healthcare or aiming to implement such systems at scale, this book offers the knowledge and tools necessary for success.

Precision Health and Artificial Intelligence
With Privacy, Ethics, Bias, Health Equity, Best Practices, and Case Studies
Published: 2023 | Author: Arjun Panesar

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