Practical Packet Analysis with Chris Sanders

Practical Packet Analysis with Chris Sanders
English | Tutorial | Size: 6.33 GB

The Practical Packet Analysis course is perfect for beginners to intermediate analysts, but seasoned pros will probably learn a few useful techniques too. Whether you’ve never capture packets before or you have and you struggle to manipulate them to effectively achieve your goals, this course will help you get over the hump. You’ll learn:

How networking works at the packet level.
How to interpret packet data at a fundamental level in hexadecimal or binary.
Basic and advanced analysis features of Wireshark.
How to analyze packets on the command line with tshark and tcpdump.
Reducing capture files with Berkeley packet filters and Wireshark display filters.
Techniques for capturing packets to make sure you’re collecting the right data.
How to interpret common network and transport layer protocols like IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, TCP, and UDP.
How to interpret common application layer protocols like HTTP, DNS, SMTP, and more.
Normal and abnormal stimulus and response patterns for common protocols.
Troubleshooting connectivity issues at the packet level.
Techniques for carving files from packet streams.
Understanding network latency and how to locate the source.
How common network attacks are seen by an intrusion detection systems.
Techniques for investigating security alerts using packet data.
How malware communicates on the network.

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