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Practical Introduction to Fuzzy Logic with Matlab | Udemy [Update 03/2021]
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Learn Fuzzy Logic Control & Design with Matlab Program & Simulate Real World Projects that are amazing on your portfolio

What you’ll learn
Understand Fuzzy Logic Concept and Code in Matlab
Learn Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Control Operation and Design Philosophy
Work with Fuzzy Logic Design Toolbox in Matlab
Build sophisticated Fuzzy Logic Controllers in Matlab without Programming
Build High performing Fuzzy Controllers to Solve Real World Problems
Learn Matlab Fuzzy Toolbox

Who is this course for?

You will learn Fuzzy Logic with Matlab programming toolbox in this course in a very simple, and easy to understand method. If you are ready to be a capable engineer and manager and be able to solve complex problems efficiently, then this course is for you. As an engineer with knowledge of Fuzzy Logic, you would be among the few who can identify and break down complex problems that are not solvable using conventional control engineering techniques.

Do I need to know Matlab programming for taking this course? Will I learn Programming in this course?

All you need to know to start this course is high school level math. In this course, I will explain Matlab programming commands that we will use in this course from scratch and if you know nothing about Matlab programming or programming at all you will not miss a thing. In addition, I will teach Fuzzy Logic through Matlab Graphic User Interface (GUI) and Fuzzy Toolbox which does not require programming at all. At the end of this course, not only you have learned Matlab programming and but also learn most of the Fuzzy Logic commands and you can solve engineering projects without writing  any code.

Why Fuzzy Logic is so important ?

When the engineering problems is so difficult to solve, or the model or system changes so frequently, the conventional control methods fail and therefore, we have to use the Fuzzy Logic to be able to understand, model and control the world around us.

Is this course comprehensive? Will I need any other book or course to learn Fuzzy Logic?

I prepared this course over one year and have provided you with one of the best engineering and programming resources in the world about Fuzzy Logic. I have over 10 years of experience in control and Instrumentation fields and have used Fuzzy Logic in my career extensively and I will assure you that I have done all the complicated engineering projects in my career only using the knowledge collected in this course. I have also written two articles on the topic only using the logic I summarized in this course.

What you will learn?

At the end of this course, you will learn Fuzzy Logic programming with Matlab professionally. We will solve multiple engineering projects together, including one of the most sophisticated engineering projects in the field of the control (Designing a Fuzzy Controller for a Fluidized Catalytic Cracking unit). These project are excellent experiences for you to include on your resume and work portfolio.

Who this course is for:

  • Control System Engineers
  • Control & Instrumentation Students
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • IT Engineers
  • Anyone Interested in Fuzzy Control Logic
  • Useful for any Engineering Student
  • Technical Publishers

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