Pluralsight – Vue 3 Testing with Vitest

Pluralsight – Vue 3 Testing with Vitest
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Vue is one of the world’s most popular frameworks for building front-end applications. With Vitest, you can write tests to prevent and detect regression. This course will teach you to use Vitest for a diverse array of tests.

What you’ll Learn:
Vue is a popular and expressive framework used to build front-end applications. But how can you ensure that your applications are robust, error-free, and easy to maintain?

In this course, Vue 3 Testing with Vitest, you’ll learn to test Vue 3 applications using Vitest. First, you’ll explore an overview of installing and configuring Vitest. Next, you’ll discover fundamental Vitest skills: snapshot testing, in-source testing, and viewing test results in an organized manner. Finally, you’ll learn advanced Vitest techniques – multithreading with Tinypool, mocking with Tinyspy, and benchmarking with Tinybench.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of testing Vue 3 applications with Vitest needed to cover any Vue application with practical and professional tests, ensuring it works correctly and delivers the results you need.

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