Pluralsight – Rust – The Big Picture

Pluralsight – Rust – The Big Picture
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This course is a quick introduction to Rust, ranked as the “most loved” language several years running.

What you’ll Learn:
Developers can’t get enough of Rust. Ranked as the most loved programming language for 7 years running by the StackOverflow Developer Survey, and tied with Python as the most wanted, Rust has become a heavy hitter on the programming scene in relatively short order.

In this course, Rust: The Big Picture, you’ll gain a fast understanding of Rust’s key features, what it looks like to use, and what makes it a premier “systems programming language.”

First, you’ll get a glimpse of Rust’s syntax and style through the lens of building a simple, albeit silly, math library. Next, you’ll explore features that give Rust its functional flavor while also providing a clean OO model. Then, you’ll spend some time gaining an appreciation for Rust’s most powerful feature: the concept of ownership and Rust’s compile-time borrow checker. After that, you’ll see how those features set the stage for Rust to deliver on its most aspirational goal: fearless concurrency. Finally, you’ll learn how Rust evolves over time and where to go to continue your Rust learning journey.

When you’re finished with this course, you will understand the core concepts that make Rust so special, be better able to decide whether it’s the right choice for you, and (if so) be ready to accelerate your continued learning journey toward Rust proficiency.

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