PluralSight – Managing with Windows PowerShell and WMI

PluralSight – Managing with Windows PowerShell and WMI
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Master the art of system management with Windows PowerShell and WMI. Learn the essentials of WMI and CIM, how to manage systems more effectively, and how to automate administrative tasks with precision.

What you’ll Learn:
Managing a sprawling IT environment requires more than just manual oversight; it requires advanced tools and techniques.

In this course, Managing with Windows PowerShell and WMI, you’ll learn the skills necessary to utilize PowerShell in conjunction with WMI and CIM for more effective system management.

First, you’ll explore the critical differences between WMI and CIM and understand why CIM is often the preferred choice. Next, you’ll dive into the WMI architecture, discovering how to leverage it to its full potential. Finally, you’ll gain practical experience with tasks such as finding CIM classes, managing CIM sessions, and invoking CIM methods to automate and streamline your administrative workload.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid foundation in managing systems with PowerShell and WMI, enabling you to handle complex administrative tasks with ease.

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