Pluralsight – Learning Path – Go Core Language

Pluralsight – Learning Path – Go Core Language
English | Tutorial | Size: 3.02 GB

Go is a statically-typed, compiled language like C++ with the user friendliness of a dynamically-typed, interpreted language such as Python. It is concurrent, garbage-collected, and designed for scale. Go is a programming language made for building large-scale, complex software. This path will take you from the basics of the Go language all the way up to writing and testing services.

Courses in this path:
• Go: The Big Picture
• Go: Getting Started
• The Go CLI Playbook
• The Go Standard Library
• Creating Custom Data Types with Go
• Advanced Branching and Looping in GO
• Deep Dive into Go Packages
• Deep Dive into Go Functions
• Concurrent Programming with Go
• Creating Web Services with Go 1
• Testing Go Applications
• Building Distributed Applications with Go

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