PluralSight – LangChain Development

PluralSight – LangChain Development
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This is an intermediate-level course about LangChain. This course will teach you how to create generative AI applications using this powerful open source platform.

What you’ll Learn:
Although large-language models have become a must have offering for every company, they are still complex to develop and apply. In this course, LangChain Development, you’ll gain the ability to understand how to use the powerful LangChain framework to create real-world LLM (large-language model) applications.

First, you’ll explore the fundamentals of this versatile system, including the use of generative AI models, prompt engineering and training. Next, you’ll discover how to make sophisticated applications that use memory, chains and agents. Finally, you’ll learn about how to use vector databases like Pinecone to access external documents, which will allow for richer programs.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of LangChain needed to understand their practical applications.

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