Pluralsight – Getting Started with Wireshark

Pluralsight – Getting Started with Wireshark
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In this course, you’ll learn about capture filters, the nuances between TAPs and SPAN captures, and delve into the Wireshark interface. Explore basic protocol analysis with ARP and ICMP, and kickstart your TCP analysis journey.

What you’ll Learn:
Have you ever felt overwhelmed or lost when trying to understand network protocols? Wondering how to get started with one of the most powerful network analysis tools? In this course, Getting Started with Wireshark, you’ll learn the basics of capturing and interpreting network traffic using Wireshark.

You’ll begin with the essential steps: installing Wireshark and the Packet Capture Driver. By understanding the fundamentals of how packets are delivered to Wireshark, you’ll build a strong foundation for deeper dives into network analysis.

Next, you’ll get acquainted with capturing traffic effectively for analysis. This section introduces you to the concept of capture filters, the inherent limitations of packet capture, the differences between TAPs and SPAN captures, and the variety of capture options available.

Furthermore, you’ll gain hands-on experience with the Wireshark interface itself. You’ll navigate through the basic components, grasp the concepts of packet encapsulation, and familiarize yourself with introductory protocol analysis with ARP and ICMP. Finally, you’ll practice applying display filters and start your journey into the world of TCP analysis.

When you complete this course, you’ll possess the foundational skills and knowledge in network packet analysis required to confidently navigate Wireshark and embark on more advanced network troubleshooting and optimization endeavors.

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