PluralSight – Getting Started with Windows Subsystem for Linux

PluralSight – Getting Started with Windows Subsystem for Linux
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Sometimes even Windows users need access to a Linux server. This course teaches you how to use Windows Subsystem for Linux from within your familiar Windows environment to administer Linux machines or prepare for an application deployment.

What you’ll Learn:
A lot of the server action these days takes place on Linux machines, but joining in can be complicated for admins and developers who live and work on Windows. In this course, Getting Started with Windows Subsystem for Linux, you’ll learn to install, launch, and administer multiple Linux distributions from within the familiar Windows platform.

First, you’ll explore getting set up and selecting a Linux distribution. Next, you’ll discover the Linux command line and file system basics you’ll need to be productive. Finally, you’ll learn how to move files back and forth between your environments and to mount Windows drives within Linux.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Windows Subsystem for Linux needed to get real Linux admin work done.

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