PluralSight – Ethical Hacking Web Application Hacking

PluralSight – Ethical Hacking Web Application Hacking Bookware-KNiSO
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Want to learn more about hacking web servers, web applications and performing SQL injection attacks? This course will teach you all about web application hacking needed for the CEHv11 exam

What you’ll learn

The security profile of web applications is enormously important when it comes to protecting sensitive customer data, financial records, and reputation. Yet, web applications are frequently the target of malicious actors who seek to destroy these things by exploiting vulnerabilities in the software. Most attacks against web applications exploit well known vulnerabilities for which tried and tested defenses are already well-established. Learning these patterns – both those of the attacker and the defender – is essential for building the capabilities required to properly secure applications on the web today. In this course, we’ll look a range of different security paradigms within web applications both conceptually and in practice. They’ll be broken down into detail, exploited, and then discussed in the context of how the attacks could have been prevented. This course is part of the Ethical Hacking Series.

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